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Parents and citizens assocation (P&C)

Wyangala Dam Public School provides excellent and inclusive education in a way that directly reflects and influences our local community.

Our school's P&C Association reflects the role of the local community in our school and provides parents, carers and community members an opportunity to enjoy, learn and communicate with parents and others interested in the education of their children.

P&C association

A Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C Association) is a school-based organisation consisting of parents, teachers and interested citizens. P&C Associations exist in almost every Public School in NSW. They are created to bring the school and the community into close cooperation.

Parent-school organisations have existed for 150 years in one form or another. They are a great tradition and have long been recognised by Act of Parliament as the representative voice of parents with children in Public Schools. They are supported at a state level by the Federation of P&C Associations of NSW and nationally by the Australian Council of State School Organisations.

Parent-school groups play a vital role in:

  • Facilitating cooperation between the students, teachers and community;

  • Providing facilities and equipment for the school;
  • Encouraging parent participation in curriculum and other education issues;
  • Sharing information to benefit the school community;
  • Advocating for local educational improvements; and
  • Promoting Public Education.

The reason P&C Associations have continued to thrive in Public Schools is because parents have seen how joining the P&C Association at their children's school makes a significant difference to educational outcomes.

Reasons to join the P&C

Research has shown that the vital ingredient for students' engagement and learning is parental participation. Schooling is a complex process and student disengagement from learning is happening as early as primary school at increasing rates. Children need help and support from their parents to succeed at school. Parents cannot fully understand the changes that have taken place in education in the last few decades unless they see it in action. Parents are encouraged to become involved in identifying and advocating for educational improvements through participation in their local P&C.

In Public Schools there are legislated guarantees for parent participation. Parents are entitled to receive complete information about their children's progress as well as the courses and educational programs on offer at the school. They also have a right to know and participate in the development of plans and policies for the running of the school. These include the school's approach to student welfare and discipline, finance, excursions and many others. These rights exist because the government has recognised the importance of parental involvement and understanding in the educational process. However, on their own, many parents do not know their rights or understand how to use them effectively.

Our school's P&C promotes active involvement and information sharing for all parents who join our school's P&C. Joining our school's P&C provides parents with opportunities to understand the machinations of how our school operates, as well as providing a support network for parents and carers during their child's school life.

Required commitments

Our school's P&C Association is made up of busy and committed parents from varying walks of life. Our P&C Association meets twice a term.  As decisions can only be made by the agreement of a majority of members, meetings are an important part of P&C procedures. Members do not need to attend every meeting, although regular attendance is the best way to find out what is happening in our school. It will also ensure that decisions are carried out and funds are spent according to the wishes of the majority. Decisions get made by those who turn up!

In addition to attending meetings, parents can participate in activities such as helping with reading programs, assisting at sporting functions, community events and school excursions. Our P&C hosts a range of community activities throughout the year and these events provide opportunities for parents to participate in our school.

Our association has established electronic communications networks for parents who can't attend regular meetings. These, together with the school weekly newsletter, ensure that parents are fully informed.


Even though P&C Associations are not required to raise money, fundraising is an important part of our activities. Each year in NSW parent volunteers raise around $30 million in cash for Government Schools and contribute an immeasurable amount in direct labour as well.

Our school's P&C Association raises funds for projects within the school that benefit all students. In recent years our P&C has funded the purchase of interactive whiteboards for classrooms, as well as significant improvements to the school's playgrounds. The P&C have for many years provided opportunities for all students through art, science and health programs, and have hosted a range of community events such as our end of year Christmas Concert and presentation night. Our fundraising efforts allow parents to make positive changes within our school on a quicker timetable than waiting for the government to provide these items to schools.

Who can join

Our P&C is open to everyone: parents, caregivers, grandparents, teachers, students and members of the whole community. By working together, people who care can make a difference. Join our school's P&C and have a say in your child's education. For further information visit the Parents and Citizen's Association of NSW website.

For more information please contact a member of our school's P&C executive: